About Powerfull Electric

Powerfull Electric founded in 1989 has been proudly serving the SoCal Community and specializing in high end residential and luxury commercial in new construction, remodels, tenant improvements and service.

What makes the Powerfull Electric so “Powerfull”:

We base our core values and vision on 3 main categories

✓ Integrity
✓ Quality
✓ Teamwork

It’s in our DNA to always lead with Integrity and to always do the right thing for ourselves, our clients and our staff.

Our expertise and quality of work has led us to the best in class projects in the Los Angeles Markets, we have the infrastructure to support any size project however our specialty is large electrical infrastructure needs.

Powerfull Electric is not your typical electrical contractor we are meticulous, we are experts, we are professional and we thrive to offer our clients White Glove Service.

Ofer Abutbul
President of Powerfull Electric

Powerfull Systems Showroom

About Powerfull Systems

Powerfull Systems was created in Los Angeles, California in 1998. At the beginning our goal was simple; “to provide the best intelligent lighting control systems and window shading solutions for our clients”.

Today, we have refined our priorities and vision even further and have adopted six core values that we strive to reflect at all times in order to create great experiences and long lasting relationships. Our company values are:

✓ Integrity – We are loyal and will always do what is right for our clients.
✓ Unity – We are united as a team and will always be a team player for you.
✓ Passion – We love what we do and are proud of our achievements and experience acquired.
✓ Professionalism – We will always treat you and your property with our utmost respect and professionalism.
✓ Innovation – We strive to be the industry’s best and challenge ourselves incessantly to innovate and create
✓ Resourcefulness – Your project can be simple or complicated, nonetheless our field teams are trained to exhaust all options and to deal resourcefully with your difficult situations or unusual problems.

Along with our core values, all team members are coached to have our client’s perspective in mind at all times. Our field team will assume project ownership and treat every project as their own.

As you can see, our intention has never been about selling products, create invoices and make quick profits, or about engaging in a price war with other providers to become the “king of cheap”. No, we are all about providing the best value by leading and implementing the above principles in every aspect of our business. Our true intention and top priority is to provide peace of mind and to be there for you when you need us the most, even long after your project has been completed.

Yes, the Powerfull Systems team members take great pride in our core values, in what we do and what we can offer. We are able to consult, design, install, program and integrate a wide variety of lighting and shading systems like no one else. Our expertise and flexibility allows us to provide solutions for any type or size of job for both residential and commercial environments. Come , visit our new showroom to see what we can offer you.

Connect with us today and experience our “white glove” service!

Awards & Recognitions

The Lutron Excellence Award competition was created to recognize the world’s best Lutron lighting control and window systems projects. Since 2002, Powerfull Electric has uninterruptedly won a Lutron Award. In 2010 Powerfull Electric was entered and won The Lutron’s “Hall of Fame” award.

Mike Pessina (back left), Shalom Illouz, Ofer Abutbul, John McKiernan, Ruth Spira, Chris Murray, and Joel Spira – Founder and Inventor of the Lutron Dimmer

Partners & Affiliations

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